An abundance of goat milk and the importance of knowing the origin of our food, led us to raising our own hogs. We have 5 vegetable gardens that total approximately 2 acres in size. Each year we let one garden go fallow and we move the pig fencing into that area. This rotation moves them onto new pasture each year. They are happy pigs, doing what pigs like to do best, rooting up the ground and fertilizing.

Our pigs receive goat milk, whole oats and whole wheat. We mix the grains and milk and let that set at least 24 hours until the milk starts to ferment. This is much better for their metabolism because the grains have already started to break down, sometimes they are almost sprouting. Otherwise, we find undigested whole grains in their manure.


Our goal is to get the hogs up to approximately 250# within 5-6 months, usually raising them from April – October. Our butcher has commented that our hogs have “beautiful back fat”. Since we feed very little dried corn, we avoid the undesirable “soft fat” that can often happen.  The lard is rendered and used in our soap making.