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The Goats

The goats at Harper Hill Farm are the lifeblood of the products we create and the source of our enjoyment, which is priceless to us!  We raise the Oberhasli breed and as you’ll see, we have a variety of milking does, bucks and kids that we raise and sell each year.  Check out some of the members of our family!

The prices of our kids are based upon our experience and individual situation, so you will see that, no, we do not have the best that money can buy, but, yes, we do treasure our herd and promise our honesty to you.

Please contact us for animal availability. Each spring we offer newborn does, bucks, wethers and selected milkers.

American Dairy Goat Association
Oberhasli Breeders of America
New York State Dairy Goat Breeders Association
New York Farm Bureau